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                Heavenly Massage

The premier​ naturist massage service for Sussex & the South


0751 284 7330

Heavenly Naturist Massage

(please read before calling to book)

Please remember that I offer a sensual and

NOT a sexual service. Although I love to

massage you and enjoy the experience I only

work within respectful boundaries so please do

not ask me for full service or oral, which means

both giving or receiving. It is a hands on

experience ONLY, and I WILL refuse. But what

I do offer for your pleasure is this......

Talking you through

my massage.

The massage that will literally take you to heaven.....

I only use quality odorless oil which will make your body feel beautifully smooth or if you prefer please ask for my aromatherapy oil which smells divine., When you arrive, will have already prepared the room for your visit, lighting candles, arranging music and lighting , heating the oils and creating a lovely relaxing ambiance for your session. I will take your coat and after a brief welcome will leave you to get undressed, I ask that at this point you switch off your mobile phone so you can completely relax. I will also remove my clothes and will return to you wearing my robe, I will show you to my heated massage bed, and request that you lay face down on my freshly laundered towels as I prepare the oil for your massage.

I will start by applying the oil generously to your body, using my hands, body and breasts to smooth it into your skin, I work in a routine of tantra which provides a mix of total body relaxation and sensuality. This includes working on your back, neck and shoulders using my hands and my body sliding up and down in a slippery motion, as I gradually go lower on your back and concentrate on your lower back and buttocks, not forgetting the inner thighs and all the lovely sensitive areas around. I use a technique similar to nuru massage, this is where the whole body is used to massage, not just the hands At times I'm up there on the couch with you, on top of you and beside you, it's very erotic. The oil is warmed prior to your massage and between our bodies with my bare body and breasts rubbing against you it just feels divine. 

You simply lie down and let me do the rest! You will be able to gently touch me if you like, but only if you are respectful (or I will ask you to stop!) . You can touch anywhere on my body and I insist that you keep your touch to outside my body only, so no fingers inside me and no anal play.

I take my time to tease and awaken your senses playing with you slowly and very gradually build up the tension. This can sometime feel like an eternity allowing you to gasp with pleasure every single second of it. I'm told that my massage sessions are 'heavenly' and simply earth moving reaching heights leaving you literally shuddering with delight! I offer an exceptional lingam massage to complete your experience, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. and satisfied. After the ending I continue to massage you for a short while whilst you lay back and take in the moment, just relax and let me enjoy pampering you.

To finish I rub you down with fluffy towels using pressure and stoking massage movements over and with the towels to remove excess oil, I will then offer you a glass of chilled mineral water and leave you to relax until you are ready to get up and get dressed. There is no need to rush to get up, I allow time between sessions for you to get up slowly, and see this as all part of your relaxation time for yourself. I will get dressed during your relaxation time and will join you once you are clothed. If you have seen me before then payment can take place before or after the treatment, thank you.

If it is your first time visiting me I would prefer payment beforehand please.

I am sure that you will love your massage with me and thoroughly enjoy the relaxation and tranquility of a naturist massage and become one of my growing number of regular customers. After a session you will leave me relaxed, invigorated and satisfied....with a big smile on your face!

Please don't ask me for anything other than what I have described above, I only use my hands. Thank you.

Due to the nature of my work and how some very occasionally try to push the boundaries I am always protected by my partner who is on site (although not in the same room) whenever I am working and just one signal away. You will not be aware and our sessions are always private but we have this in place for my protection and so we can both fully relax..

I require 12 hours notice for cancellations please otherwise a charge may be made. Please see our FAQ section for more information.