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                Heavenly Massage

The premier​ naturist massage service for Sussex & the South


Telephone : 0751 284 7330

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I book?

The easiest and best way to book is online please using my booking system. To do this please click HERE

Simply call or text me up to the morning of the day you want to book. The more notice the better please as I do get very busy.

All I ask is that you take your time to read my site, especially the what to expect section before calling me.

What are your working hours/days?

I work Monday -Thursday from 8.30am to 6pm,, Fridays 8.30-5 and occasional evenings (Monday-Thursdays only) and Saturdays by arrangement and at a higher rate. - please see our hours of business page for more details. We do not take appointments after 4pm on Saturdays and I do not work on Sundays and Bank Holidays. .

I called you but you haven't picked up, why?

I never answer calls made from a withheld number.

Also when I'm busy, I can't answer the phone, so best to leave a message or text. If I have a missed call from you I do not return your call or text unless you have left a message to ask me to, this ensures privacy for you. So, if you do want me to get back to you then please remember to leave me a message either in text, voicemail or from the contact us form on this site. If you need a quicker response please text as I only listen to my voicemails once a day and that is usually in the evening.

Do you allow touching?

Yes, but only if you are gentle, otherwise I will politely ask you to stop. Obviously if you are respectable, I will feel more comfortable, so please think about this. I insist that you keep your touch to outside my body only please, so no fingers inside and no anal play. Please no constant clitoral stimulation.You do not need to touch me in this way nor do I want you to.  

Do you allow kissing?

I do not allow kissing on the mouth or on any part of my body, you are welcome to touch but not to kiss my breasts or mouth. 

Can I pleasure you?

This is your time to be indulged and to selflessly enjoy. You do not need to touch me in this way nor do I want you to. This is not what the massage is about.

Please don't call me asking "for extra services" I do not offer oral or sex. I use my hands to massage all of will not be disappointed.

I might be late for my appointment, does it matter?

It is always best if possible to arrange a time when you do not feel rushed although I appreciate work commitments, traffic, and life has a funny way of often throwing things at you when you least want them to! If you are late for your appointment then I will, of course, do my best to still give you the exact amount of time you had booked for. However,should I have another booking after you then unfortunately I will not be able to over-run past your original finishing time, and so please be aware that if you are late there will be a chance that your massage will be cut down in time. The price will be the same due to the time already allocated for you

Do you take short notice appointments?

I get very busy, so notice is preferred but it's worth giving me a try.

Does it matter if I'm early?

Not really as we allow time between appointments and are usually ready for you 15 minutes before. Just give us a call when you arrive and if we are busy and are not quite ready we will tell you how long we will be, we will never be any later than your actual appointment time.

Can I have your address to plan my journey?

We ask that once you have booked that you please text us on the morning of your appointment to confirm, and when we reply we will send you directions and our post code. We are based in Burgess Hill, which is small town so finding us is rarely a problem and parking is plentiful.

If travelling by train we are a 20 minute walk from the mail line station and a 5 minute taxi journey away.

Will you reduce the price for me, things are tight this month?!

Sounds cheeky? Yes it is! but we do get asked this from time to time! The short answer to this is a polite but firm 'no'. All our clients are charged the same and receive the same high quality of service, that way it's fair on us both, and on the other paying clients. If you pay for one hour or 90 minutes of my time you will be guaranteed that amount of time as a minimum. You will get a full body massage from a fully qualified and experienced masseuse along with a wonderful naturist experience, body to body contact and a very happy ending.

Please take the above into account and do not ask for discounts, reductions, etc, thank you.

Do you offer prostate massage?

No, I do not offer prostate massage.

I'd like to book but not sure I can definitely make that day/time. So okay if something comes up, I'll just cancel or re-arrange?

Please remember that although this is relaxation time and a pleasure hour for you, this is our work and business and we really would rather you only cancelled if absolutely necessary. If you are unsure whether you can keep the appointment we would prefer for you to not book ahead and just contact us on the day, or wait for a day you can be sure you can keep our arrangement. If you are unable to keep your booking please remember to give us 12 hours notice so we can offer your time to another client. If less than 12 hours notice is given you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. Very occasionally and in some circumstances this fee may be wavered at our discretion, but please remember that we charge this cancellation fee because we book 2 hours out of our day and diary for every 1 hour appointment you book and are very likely to have turned other enquiries away for your booking. Thank you for your consideration on this.

Please note that Heavenly Massage does not provide a full sexual service, You experience with us will be relaxing, sensual and erotic. For more information please text or call Sunni on 07512847330