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                Heavenly Massage

The premier​ naturist massage service for Sussex & the South


Call us on 0751 284 7330

Experiences at Heavenly


Heavenly Massage is always about the massage, if you want to experience anything which takes the session too far away from this then what I offer is possibly not for you. I offer blindfold and/or tied and teased massage to add a bit of spice to a regular naturist massage. I do not offer lingerie massage or prostate massage.

Don't forget to tell me of any back problems you are suffering from if you wish for me to concentrate on a particular area of your back. I am a fully qualified masseuse so you get a professional massage from me at Heavenly Massage which is rare in naturist massage, unfortunately,

Here are some details of the experiences....

Blindfold experience

Enhance your sense of touch with a blindfold experience. I will place the blindfold on you once you have got yourself comfortable on the massage couch and you can remove it at any point during your massage or leave it on for the duration. This really is a very intense way to feel the sensuality and erotic feel of each stroke, you have no choice but to lay there and concentrate on the feel of my skin on yours. Enjoy with no distractions, pure bliss.

Tied up and teased experience

Lay on my couch and I will tie you to it. I use leather ties to hold you in place whilst I massage you, your movement will be very limited as I massage you all over your body, touching every part of you.

Optional - Combine this with a blindfold and you really will be in my hands. 

Want to know the

boundaries? Please

see the what to

expect section.

Please note that Heavenly Massage does not provide a full sexual service, You experience with me will be relaxing, sensual and erotic. For more information please text or call Sunni on 07512847330