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                Heavenly Massage

The premier​ naturist massage service for Sussex & the South


Etiquette and Boundaries.

I have let you know what you can expect from me and my service at Heavenly Massage in the 'what to expect' section and here I like to just outline for you what I request from you as a client.

Please arrive on time for your appointment with me, if you will be late please let me know by call or text and how long you will be. I will do my best to still honor your full appointment time although may be unable to do so if I have an appointment following yours.

Please arrive clean and fresh, I am always freshly showered and ready for you, and it is much nicer for me if you are too. I do not have shower facilities for you do use at present although I do have a bathroom where you can freshen up. Flannels and clean towels are available on request.

Please do not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If I suspect that you are I will have to refuse treatment.

Please, no groping or rough hands, You are very welcome to gently touch if you like, but only if you are respectful (or I will ask you to stop!) . You can touch anywhere on my body and I insist that you keep your touch to outside my body only, so no fingers inside and no anal play. Please- no constant clitoral stimulation.You do not need to touch me in this way nor do I want you to. Clean hands and neat fingernails are requested please. There is hand sanitiser and wet wipes readily available on entering the treatment room, and if you think that you may wish to touch me intimately I ask that you please make use of them. I do not allow kissing on the mouth, breasts or anywhere on my body.

Please ensure that your mobile phone is on silent during our session so as you can total relax uninterrupted.

Please remember that I offer a sensual massage and NOT a full sexual service. If you are looking for more than this then you are in the wrong place, Heavenly Massage is about sensuality not sex, I work only within respectful boundaries so please do not ask me for full sexual service or oral, (giving or receiving) it is a hands on experience ONLY, and I will refuse.

Please stay fully relaxed on the massage table lying down throughout your massage so I can concentrate on pampering you. Please do not ask me for anything other than to massage you and other than what is described above. I will not lay down for you, next to you, underneath you, or talk dirty for you! No matter how turned on you get or how nicely you ask!

Please let me massage you and lead the massage and do not make me feel uncomfortable during your time with me. If this should happen then your treatment will stop and you will be asked to leave.

Most importantly please relax and enjoy yourself! I appreciate that the above may read like a whole list of 'don'ts' but from experience I just have to lay on the line what is acceptable. I sometimes feel people are too scared to touch me because of all I won't allow but please do, touching both ways is very sensual and will add to your experience. I'm here to have a nice time with you so please just read the above then lay back and enjoy/

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I like be upfront about boundaries so as there are no awkward misunderstandings. I am here for your pleasure and enjoyment and want you to have a lovely time with me so just relax and enjoy within respectful boundaries. Likewise, if there are any boundaries you have( given what has been described above and in the 'what to expect' section) then please let me know on booking and I will always respect them. 

Thank you.